Crafting an online brand and presence for a boutique yoga studio

Ocean Yoga Kenting is a boutique yoga studio in southern Taiwan and was in need of elaborating and defining their brand identity to start building up their online presence.

Ocean yoga
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UI Shot of the Ocean Yoga Kenting website

Ocean Yoga Kenting was looking to create an unique and high-end brand identity that matches the look and feel of their venue and keep the tropical spirit of the area.

Creating a sophisticated brand identity

The requirement for the brand was to be simple, memorable, but sophisticated.
I have created a boho-style logo showcasing the tropical feel of the studio and the area the studio is located in

The Logo

Ocean Yoga Kenting's full logo and social logo

I have created two logo variants: a more detailed logo (left) to be used on all physical assets and to serve as the main logo and a more minimal logo (right) to be used for social media and other assets where the logo would be too small to see the details.

Brand Colours

A representation of Ocean Yoga Kenting's colour palette

The colours are inspired by the natural palettes of the Kenting National Park area as well as by some of the services the studio offer such as Red Wine Yoga for the Burgundy colour

Business Cards

A representation of business card design created for Ocean Yoga KentingA representation of business card design created for Ocean Yoga Kenting

Building a no-code website for a yoga studio


Create a website with booking functionality on a limited budget

The final product:

A no code website created within Wix with booking and payment functionality

The impact:

A super easy to use website that allows all clients to book and pay, helping the business increase the sales.


I sat down with the business owner and outlined the studio's business requirements.
The studio is newly opened with zero customer exposure so the timeline for creating the website was very tight.

The first item of business was to choose the platform that will allow a non technical business owner to get up to speed with the necessary tools to run a business online and a booking platform that was easy to set up and had traditional mandarin language capabilities

After researching a few software options such as Momoyoga or Calendly, the business owner decided to move on with Wix, which has a pretty decent booking platform as well as traditional mandarin language capability.


Considering the tight timeline the website has been designed and built at the same time with the classic Wix Editor, choosing not to make the most of Wix EditorX advanced functionality for the time being.

UI Shot of the Ocean Yoga Kenting website

The structure

Sitemap of the Ocean Yoga Kenting website

The brand colours are inspired by the nature around Kenting, with sand yellow backgrounds and dark green accents, to give a natural but sophisticated feel.


The result is a clean site that clearly showcases the look and feel of the studio, its brand values and easily allows potential customers to gather information about the studio's facilities and services and book their classes on the website.

UI Shot of the Ocean Yoga Kenting website